Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Morning ...

Morning … cacophony of sound as the radio clicks on, startling me from the River Lethe where I float in dark water the temperature of warm blood, soothing, deep, my body weightless and the stars wheeling in a wine-dark sky, thoughts floating free and insubstantial, wraiths of possibility and maybe… intake of breath, quick flick and welcome silence embraces me in the musk of the dark room. His breath beside me smooth and even, the heat of his body entices. I lie for a few minutes, reluctant to move from the cocoon of warm blankets, Fat Cat’s rhythmic purr hypnotic, vibrating through the tumbled strands of hair on my pillow, his warm furry body solid and reassuring along the top of my head.

Sighing, I turn and nestle into his side, nuzzling into the warmth of his chest, my ear against the smooth skin, the beat of his heart steady beneath me. He stretches, still asleep and his arm comes around me, unconsciously rubbing the long line of my back then sweeping up around my ribs to cup the soft mound of breast. I don’t want to move. I don’t want to roll out of bed and start another day of chaos and work and effort and need.

My hand trails down to his groin and gently cups him, the skin soft and flaccid and so beautifully delicate, so incredibly soft. Cupping his loose flesh in my palm, I allow my fingers to caress the sweet roll of flesh, already starting to stir and thicken, relishing the small, almost imperceptible jerking as blood drains into his groin and synapses in his sleeping brain fire possibilities down electric highways of nerve.

Here in the shadowed embrace of a room in which our scents entwine and mingle in a compelling musk, in the quiet of this early early morn, time seems protracted and endless and dreamingly I push the blankets down his slumbering body and lay my head on his stomach, the beat of his heart measured and sure and the throbbing between my legs hesitates then moistens and throbs in time to his heart.

I close my eyes and breathe deep, pulling his scent deep into my throat and lungs, my breasts tightening and swelling and his hand tightens as if he feels their burgeoning want and he squeezes until my breath sighs out and my tongue flicks and I taste him.

Beneath my head I feel his heart quicken and the moist need between my legs throbs in sympathy and I lean forward and my lips embrace and I take him in my mouth, moaning lightly as the swollen warm length glides between my lips. My tongue twirls and dances and slides around the hot warmth of his need, sipping, laving, licking, my hands cupping and gently, oh so gently, tightening around the beauties in my palm.

Unbidden, I open my eyes and in the dark sweet embrace of the dusky room, I see the strident, demand of blinking red and reluctantly, my eyes are dragged to the clock and I see the time and moaning, I release him.

Gently, I pull back and raising my head drop butterfly kisses along his hard length and between his legs, where he has begun to tighten and swell and then breathing deeply, I slip up to his neck and drop a gentle promise along the strong line of shoulder and pull the blankets tight around him.

Sighing, I step onto the cold of the floor, smiling as with a heavy thump, Fat Cat drops down beside me, winding sinuously around my bare legs, purring rhythmically and loudly, demanding his share of my morning routine and leads the way to kitchen and food.


Beth said...


Beautifully written. I'm sorry you had to go start your day!

Buffalo said...

Damn, Selkie. You are so very freakin' good. I do stand in awe.