Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Forced lactation

On Fet lately, I've been reading several threads about submissives and/or their Masters wanting forced lactation as part of their service. I realize there is a fairly big kink out their for women with milky breasts but perhaps coincidentally, both submissives I read regarding this subject were very young (from my perspective anyway).

Now, I breast fed my kids - probably, among the four of them for a total of more than 6 years as duration of breastfeeding ranged from a minimum of a year to a maximum of almost 2 (in fact, a wee bit over). I LOVED it - apart from the benefits to the child, I found it immensely satisfying to me on an emotional and dare I say, even spiritual level. It also provided me some very important personal time with each baby- something in short supply as I had 4 kids in less than 6 years.

But reading these journals, I thought to myself that therein speaks individuals who really do not understand what is involved in breastfeeding.

First, without the pregnancy hormones, it is very difficult to force lactation and many women must take some form of hormone therapy (with all the attendant side effects) to get the milk flowing. Without that, using manual methods such as suctioning etc, a tremendous commitment of time is involved - because it has be done frequently, often and for extended periods in order to successfully induce lactation; realistically, that would be difficult for most people who have jobs, school, family commitments, etc.

Now, once the individual is successful and her breasts start to fill with milk, what then?

Again, nursing, nursing, nursing and/or express, express, express.... becuase milk production is ultimately, a demand and supply process - the more a baby (or Master) nurses, the more milk is produced. Cut the nursing (or the expressing) and LESS milk. So, that means, regardless of whether either party "feels" like it, nursing or expressing MUST take place every day and probably several times a day - no matter what the schedule.

So again, given a nice full supply of milk is available and ongoing - think then about other repercussions. I know that when breastfeeding, my breasts had an unfortunate tendency to react to ANY baby's cry LOL - so I could be standing in line at a grocery store, a baby several aisles over will cry and BOOM, down comes the milk....

Because for the uninformed, milk doesn't just drip out (although it can, if the breasts are uncomfortably swollen), but is "let down". There are these little ducts that encircle the nipples which act as little "damns" .... when the brain signals, then the damns open - simplistic but effective. Nursing will do that, but so too can triggers (such as the one mentioned above). This means wearing a lot of protection simply as a precaution - I always had to wear pads in my bras to deal with this issue of let down and even so, there were times when the front of my shirt was soaked. Again, for the uninitiated, when breasts DO let down, they SPRAY... released to the air, I've had spray go several feet... and a LOT of fluid can result in quite a mess!

Yet another quirk is that once established, a woman tends to 'let down' eaiser and easier ... which means any manipulation of the breasts can induce the milk to flow ... not always a desirable outcome when involved in other pursuits and not focused on that particular desire.

There is also the issue of sore nipples - which obviously is not insurmountable but care must be taken and patience exerted while the tender breasts (yes, even masochist ones) get used to the chafing!

I think the biggeset impediment to consider is the ongoing effort which would be required in order to maintain lactation - the reality is that constant and regular nursing or expressing has to be done, no matter what the schedule, inclination and/or desire.

Now I could be wrong, but I think many of those who find the concept of a lactating submissive provcative and desirable, really have not thought through the realities ... and both parties have to seriously look at the commitment of time, effort and weight the benefits against the possible side effects.

While not my kink, I don't see the harm in forced lactation either but I do think some serious thought has to go into ALL the repercussions before decided to go that route!


Buffalo said...

Gotta be honest. This subject absolutely squicks me out. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with those whose triggers are tripped by it. I am saying it is so far off my list I don't want to even think about it.

1000sp said...

Of course they are not thinking past the erotic super moment. The joy of the kink fades when one must be practical.

I wonder about the health of women who may be on hormones, so that they can be milked, sans baby.

I will reserve my comment on the ages of the young ladies.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the lovers of milk and also one of the male pov's. I loved when my wife breastfed. It's always been the epitome of closeness.

I realize there are logistical matters but there are ways to make that work. One instance was a vacation. My wife began to complain that she was getting full. I volunteered to suck the milk out of her until she was comfortable and I did. It was sweet and delicious. Yes, thank you for the realities of the situation. Men don't realize the sacrifice women make and the discomforts to say the least. I am just putting out there that for the right couples this is an awesome experience. It creates great memories.

Anonymous said...

I've been a nursing mother (as in gave birth) and am looking to start lactating again. Wile it is true that Some women let down in a large spray I never did.

I had plenty of milk, no problem nursing...but Never once did I spray anything or even leak in my shirt.

There is a commitment involved. Both nurser and nursie have to fallow a schedule and "Mom" has to express regularly. But for that there is little more enjoyable for innocent closeness.

Anonymous said...

As a mother i never was able to nurse my child not for lack of milk but, other reasons i myself am looking to force lacation. I am not jumping in head frist with out looking this post was very worth the read and as another add i would like to know the health risk if any.

jerrelli said...

I am a male and a lover of human milk. There is an erotic aspect certainly but for me I just prefer it over cows milk. It has many flavors and what diet the lady has greatly effects it (keep her away from onions...)as an infant I was breastfed, I will consume all I can get even today. I am never ill, I never get colds or the flu, I heal from any injury so fast the doctors can hardly believe it. I have teeth like iron and at over 50 years old still not a single cavity. I use breastmilk for everything, from coffee to cooking anf baking to just enjoying by the glass whenever it is available. Nursing can be sensual and to be held to a womans breast and drink the essence of life from her brings a closeness and bonding I have never experienced in making love. To me drinking human milk is far more natural than drinking animal milk. If for nothing else but my robust health I doubt a day will come I do not enjoy drinking it. It is not really sexy anymore to me except when I nurse directly, but I greatly prefer to have it expressed and drink it from a glass.

Anonymous said...

My Master is fully aware of the demanding schedule required to induce lactation without hormones. He is also fully aware of the discomforts I will experience as they are part of the point, so to speak. He has explained the discomforts to me.

I enjoy the close intimacy required in making this happen. I also enjoy that he is able to control my body in such ways for his own amusement and enjoyment.