Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Drama -101

I detest drama ....

I hate the artificial escalation of situations which could easily be resolved or explained with simple explanations and measured common sense. I find the net is particularly bad for drama - in one way, I assume the relative anonymity lends itself to those who have a flair for the dramatic.

One after all, can create mayhem, be rude, ignorant, create drama, hurt, rend and simply destroy ...and say "sorry", act sad, act regretful and start all over again.

People are ALLOWED to have different perspectives.

People are ALLOWED to disagree with opinions and viewpoints.

People are ALLOWED to express THEIR opinions in response to something someone else expressed.

And mature, socially well-adjusted individuals will have a respectful argument, debate various points, and either concur in the end or agree to disagree. All without resorting to infantile tantrums, irrelevant insults and belligerent expressions of disgust.

Too bad that happens so little on the world wide web.

Finbar has a good point; he says that MANY individuals in the lifestyle online began as role players on various games (and are still there). Games like Warcraft, Runescape and the like.

More and more, in the BDSM world online, it is as if they have simply donned another "role".... but unfortunately, instead of understanding that it is possible to have a civilized discourse and an enjoyable debate, and do not have to resort to the use of spears, clans, or whatever hell else those games allow, they use words and try to bully others in agreeing with them.

The other point he makes which I find eminently reasonable is that too many people on here are socially maladjusted individuals who spend their entire life interacting with other online junkies ... and not enough time learning social skills that translate into civilized behaviour online or offline.

WHY are people egos so fragile that they must attack instead of arguing? I cannot tolerate that kind of infantile behaviour. I didn't tolerate in my children and I am hardly about to tolerate in people who call themselves adults!

But knowing as I do the repercussions of raising a rational discussion in an irrational melee, I will be honest and admit, I usually just walk away ... Because life is short. I have more than enough stressors in my real-time life to keep me occupied without adding the virtual drama of a dialogue or issue that you know is doomed to failure and lack of resolution.

I find it increasingly difficult to keep a still tongue in my head when I see how incredibly self-indulgent and immature so many people reveal themselves to be in this world. How they become instant "experts" with what they claim is "indepth" knowledge and experience - from WHAT? Pretending to be something online? Its pathetic in the end but at one and the same time, incredibly annoying.

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Buffalo said...

Oft times it is a case of, "If you agree with me you are an intelligent person. If you disagree with me you are obviously an ignorant, bigotted clod."

The actions you describe are rampant in other areas also. Politics is the first one that springs to mind. Civilized discourse has all but become a thing of the past.

I have reached a point where I will discuss or debate, but I'm not going to argue. I'm not going to throw bombs - or tolerate them being thrown at me. Life is too short.