Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Women bashing women

what is it? Open season on other females?

I've been to three blogs in the past 24 hours where the writer basically talks about how she gets along way better with men ... and then proceeds to vomit out every stereotype about females that exist.

They're "catty", they're two-faced, they're too emotional, not emotional enough, they're not supportive, they don't just "get on with it".

Damn, what is WRONG with these women?

First, please spare me the stereotypes - women are as varied and different, as complicated and straightforward, as individual as men - pushing them all into one homogeneous mass of insecurities and emotional angst and perpetuating the myths that they are unstable, unreliable and simply too much effort to befriend drives me into a FRENZY.

to me it is simply a pathetic attempt to ingratiate themselves with the the sex with the penis - that by denigrating their own sex, they will somehow garner brownie points with men.

I see the stereotypes proliferating ... suggestions that women talk only about clothes and shoes and "emotions" - that their opinions vacillate and are based on premises suspect because somehow human being with vaginas are unable to form worthy opinions.

It makes me BOIL.

It's bad enough that women are still struggling for some sense of equality -for god's sake, the presidential race in the States is a prime example - I think Palin is a self-righteous, narrow-minded and dangerous individual - do I think she is that way because she is FEMALE - no - it is her viewpoints and as much as she pisses me off and even frightens me, it drives me crazy to see her reduced merely to big hair and a cunt. She gets called on being a bad mother - but does anyone ask McCain or Obama whether they can govern and be good fathers?

I have spent a good part of my life fighting sexism and stereotyping and it is so discouraging to see the same old crap perpetuated and proliferating despite supposed gains and new understandings.

Saying, carte blanche, that you get along with an entire SEX is patently short-sighted and ridiculous - inasmuch as you are asserting that human beings are so intrinsically limited to the characteristics bestowed by their sexual orientation that their individuality is completely dependent on their sexual organs ...

If the women you know are so limited in their understanding, so constrained by societally-imposed roles that they all can be grouped into one large stereotype ... then perhaps one needs to study WHY these are the individuals you seem to befriend .. and look at yourselves.

I personally have some amazingly wonderful female friends - friends that have provided unstinting support, shoulders to cry on, arms to hold, wonderful people to laugh with, support and create mayhem with ... and they are that way becuase they are good PEOPLE....

If you have issues with women, then you need to look at the women you hang with ... and realize that like men, women are INDIVIDUALS, and as such, not to be shoved into little boxes where one size fits all ...

just like men.


THE Michael said...

Me, I just have a very low opinion of humans, of either sex. I see just as many single male drivers of huge Ram pickups as I do single female drivers of huge Expeditions. BOTH sexes are equally guilty of driving this entire ecosystem towards extinction.

And, on rare occasions, I come across those individuals who seem to have evolved. I admire them and wish THEY would pass on their genes while I would just as soon wish that most of us would do the planet a big favor and just fucking DIE.

As you can see, I am a caring and compassionate human being. I just happen to be caring more for species that have as much right to exist on this rock as we do.

selkie said...

the Michael - I agree - I don't tend to discriminate vis-a-vis gender when it comes to idiots ... there are far too many of both unfortunately ...