Wednesday, January 7, 2009

things about selkie

I am one of those who always reads the "100 Things about _______" so for fun, thought I would start my own. As a proviso - if you are curious about something, email me and I may or may not add the answer to your question ...

1. I lived in several countries between birth and 13- born in Ireland, to Canada (briefly) at 5, then Grand Bahamas, the States and eventually back to Canada at 13.

2. Although I feel strong ties to Ireland, I am Canadian by choice and in my heart.

3. I have four children and my longest labour was 3 hours - I left the hospital right after birth with all of them.

4. I am 5'8" and consider myself large and unfeminine.

5. I have small breasts and HATE the fact I do.

6. I have two university degrees which I don't use - Undergraduate in English and Classics from University of New Brunswick and Graduate in Communications from Concordia in Montreal.

7. I put myself through University and had no help doing so.

8. I worked in my field (journalism and media) from 19 to 31.

9. I had my first child at 31 and my universe changed. I left a career for a job typing at night and had 3 more children by the time I turned 36 and forgot I had a brain.

10. I met D. when I was 15 (he was 18).

11. I fell in love with D. when I was 15 and first learned what it meant to be submissive to someone.

12. It took 2 years before I could convince him to go out with me.

13. Our relationship has NEVER been calm.

14. We recognized and lived a D/s relationship for many years (we lived it without naming it for many years before that). We don't any more through his choice -in many respects, he doesn't want me any more.

15. I am submissive but not a doormat. I have never submitted to anyone BUT D.

16. I grew up in a family of women - 3 sisters and a female, much beloved cousin.

17. My father never wanted a son, my mother did.

18. I don't sleep much and never have. A "good" night is around 4 hours.

19. I broke my back (EARTH) (crushed 4 verterbrae, cracked 3) when I was 15 and got run over by a tractor on a visit to my cousin's farm in Kildare.

20. I was in a brace for 1.5 years and still went dancing.

21. I drowned (WATER) (declared dead) when I was 5, just a few months after we came to Canada. A WW I vet put me in a lukewarm bath and brought me back to "life" - (in hindsight, hypothermia when you go into a coma).

22. I caught on fire (FIRE) when I was 10 and found my baby sister on the stove with burners all on high - my baby doll pjs caught and went up in flames. My mother rolled me in the snow and I survived with no bad scarring.

23. I figure AIR will kill me which has never prevented me from flying or going up in a kite. I also intend to sky dive one day.

24. I am a risk taker and confront things head on which frighten me.

25. I love cooking, especially baking and am very good at it.

26. I love writing but know my words tend to be over blown and trite - my father called it "oral diaharea".

27. I have problems maintaining ties with people - I tend to compartmentalize and move on (I think due to frequent moves when young - I went to around 12 schools between kindergarten and grade 11).

28. I live in my head a LOT and have problems verbalizing.

29. I am by nature, extremely sensual and sexual but the past year, due to rejection and denial, have subliminated my sexuality and wonder if I can get it back.

30. D. was my first lover and the first in every respect for any sexual exploration.

31. I love sex in the morning, it is my favourite time.

32. I have no recollection of the last time I had sex in the morning it has been so long.

33. I love travelling and did a fair bit before I got married and almost none since.

34. I did the backpack Europe thing for 8 months when I was 24 and it was the trip of a lifetime.

35. I love the ocean - I need the ocean - I crave the ocean ... and intend to live out my later years beside it.

36. That's how I got my name "selkie".

37. When D. and I were in a D/s dynamic, I fellated him every morning and every night before bed.

38. It was one of my favourite things.

39. I tend to tilt at windmills and am a sucker for causes. I have been to many demonstrations and participated in many campaigns.

40. I was almost kicked out of university for exposing a university president.

41. I am a leader.

42. I hate working in teams.

43. Red is my favourite colour.

44. I had two marriage proposals (and no, I'm not including D. - we got married, he never asked me, I told him).

45. I was fond of both men who asked me, but they were submissive and I didn't love them.

46. I've only ever loved D. in all these years.

47. I've only ever hated D. in all these years.

48. I own all 7 seasons of Buffy and continue to think it brilliant. I like Spike not Angel.

49. I adore animals - all animals and if D. didn't keep tabs on it, we would have more than the 2 dogs, 4 cats, guinea pig and rabbit we DO have - all rescues by the way.

50. I volunteer at the Toronto Humane Society becuase I need to serve in some capacity and I could't handle dealing with people - I love it and love walking the dogs there, even the mean ones.

51. I have problems identifying faces and forget them really easily.

52. I am HORRIBLE at math and am embarassed that I am so stupid.

53. I am an amazimg multi-tasker.

54. I've worked since I was 12.

55. I speak French badly and understand it pretty well and read it even better; in hindsight I think I probably have a facility for language I never explored as I picked it up just by being around Quebec for a few years - and spoke Spanish when I was in the Bahamas through the same way.

56. Two of my four children are completely fluent in French.

57. I like to be restrained and flogged, I like pain in proper doses and figured out it is becuase it is the only time I'm not in charge and that I "stop".

58. It is very difficult for me to turn "off" - I am usually on and in a take charge mode.

59. I HATE the heat and it makes me physically sick - I have to stay out of the sun.

60. I have NEVER had a tan- I only burn (thus why I stay out of the sun).

61. I love gardening and am just sad that work and other commitments don't give me enough time in my garden.

62. I am very strong.

63. Autumn is my absolutely favourite season.

64. I grew up a nomad and am still one. I had no extended family around and still don't - I have one sister in Sierra Madres, one sister in Pennsylvania and a mother and sister in Montreal.

65. I love all my sisters but we would probably kill each other if we were too close to each other.

66. [more to come]


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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful transparent picture you have painted. Our experiences cause change or reinforced our pre-condition. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out. I love feeling the fire of your heart.