Monday, February 16, 2009

Molson Canadian - I Am Canadian - Beaver Attack! -Commercial

Just because this is DAMN funny !


Loving Annie said...

Ha-ha ! That was great Selkie - I love clever commercials like that !

Buffalo said...

I've alway wanted an attack beaver - or something like that.

littleone said...

oh my god !!! that was just tooo funny...... attack beaver.. LOL

talking about Beavers i have a picture to send you...... if i can just remember where the hell i stored it.. might take a day or two.. but watch for it......

morningstar (owned by Warren)

M:e said...

Hysterical....thank you lovely one.

love and hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi selkie:
Just what I needed today....a good chuckle.
That was great.
Thanks for posting
Take care