Wednesday, April 8, 2009

eh? What did you say?

On my recent visit to my mum in Montreal, I discovered yet again that both she and my sister were definitely the worse for wear when it came to their hearing. Both have been tested recently and BOTH are supposed to get fitted for hearing aids; my mum, simply because she is 84 (and given that is probably one of the few things that are failing, I want her constitution!), and my sister because she has been plagued with hearing issues on and off her entire life.

But the exchange below was not untypical this past weekend:

(I'm in the kitchen, working flour and butter with my hands as I make pastry for a yummy brandied nut tart – shoot me an email if you want the recipe to my mother down the hallway in her room) –

Me: Mum, do you have a pastry cutter?

Mum: What??

Me: Pastry cutter! Do you have a pastry cutter?

Mum: Eh? What are you saying? A tea towel?

Me: NO. A pastry cutter- I need a pastry cutter!

Mum: I have LOTS of tea towels, - they’re in the linen closet –
Siobhan, get Sheenagh a Tea towel!

Siobhan: (in computer room across from mum’s) – What?

Mum: A tea towel – get sheenagh some tea towels!

Me: I don’t want tea towels – I want a pastry cutter!

Siobhan: Eh? What does she want?


Siobhan: A bowl – a large bowl?

Me: NO. A pastry cutter, Bins, I need a pastry cutter.

Mum: Siobhan- get Sheenagh some tea towels!!

Siobhan: OK< I’ll get the bowl, hang on.

(Walks bye me where I”m howling with laughter in the kitchen, trying to reiterate I need a PASTRY CUTTER)

Siobhan rummages in the pantry, brings out a big steel bowl and brings it to me.

Siobhan: Here you are.


Siobhan: What’s so funny?

Me: I needed a pastry cutter!

Siobhan: What?

I give up and finish the pastry by hand.


littleone said...

Now that IS funny.......

thanks for the laugh.. after this week i honestly needed a good one..

god it could be a sitcom..

oh and btw.. YOU were in Montreal and didn't let me know so we could maybe grab a coffee??

i will now go pout..

morningstar (owned by Warren)

M:e said...

Giggling over my morning tea here! This is SO like conversations at my gm's house. As morningstar says, it sometimes feels like you've landed in the middle of a comedy sketch doesn't it?

love and hugs

selkie said...

morningstar - I SO want to get together withyou! I didn't let anyone know becuase I knew this trip would be insane. Ma has been in LA since January so I had FOUR months of paperwork to catch up on; repairs to do, income tax to sort out for her and my sister - I knew I wouldn't get time - but I'm planning to be up in June again and if you're available, would LOVE to get together!

M:e - I was howling and my sister was looking at me in the most quizzical way which set me off even more!