Friday, April 3, 2009


fucking asshole.

someone seems to have been using my account without my knowledge.

hadn't locked me out so I never realized.

It only came up tonight.

I have a file in my mail wherein if I post a blog or make a comment to my own blog, a copy is sent to that file in my mail.

I opened up my mail tonight and saw a NEW comment from ME had been made.

Problem was, I DIDN'T.

And when I went to where the comment was apparently made, it wasn't there - so it had been deleted. I suspect they made the comment, realized they were "me", deleted ... and so far have not hacked my mail .... and didn't realize I had it set up so I get COPIES.

whoever the FUCK you are - GET A GODDAM LIFE.

This is the second time I 've had a blog hacked....

so if you get some odd comments from me that don't resonate as selkie- now or in the past - now you know why.


Buffalo said...

Sounds to me as though someone has figured out your password. It may be a good idea to change it to a combination of letters and numbers that provide a higher level of security. That won't stop a skilled and determined hacker, but it surely will make it difficult for an amateur.

M:e said...

Good advice from buffalo sweety....maybe even use a foreign word that's easy for you to remember but virtually impossible for others to guess at.

love and hugs xxx

ronnie said...

Sorry to hear that Selkie. I agree good advice from Buffalo, letters and numbers.


selkie said...

thanks guys, actually, I had a VERY strong password, unusual combination of letters and numbers - nothing that could be linked to anything that might make sense to anyone - random. I feel totally creeped out.

soemone "ghosting" me ... and me oblivious