Thursday, April 9, 2009


I stand looking out over the lake, the restless, mumbling water an intense deep navy. Above me, the full moon spills a silver waterfall of light through the deep morning sky, dancing and weaving and sliding along the opaque expanse of cold morning until hurtling through the unforgiving sky it explodes against the yearning flesh of my face and shatters into a million glittering diamonds of promise.

The lake inhales, a deep, intense breath and then breathes out, sighing spring which licks my cheeks until I shudder and feel the grumbling protest of winter past as it reluctantly retreats into another season..

I raise my face to the breathing moon and drink in its celestial ache and open my mouth and pull its yearning want into my lungs until I feel as if my body throbs with light which spills and dances and glows reflected glory in alabaster Irish skin and leaves the golden kiss of freckles stark on its thinning delicate membrane.

My eyes close, flooded with the white light of an ancient planet and feel its call and whispers to the secret part of me that yearns to be untethered and freed from the constraints of flesh and time and soar free to spill into the endless expanse of sky and flow into a universe of possibilities to which my narrow vision has condemned me.

Man’s greatest gift is also his greatest curse – our ability to move beyond the moment and look behind and look ahead until the reality of the now is blurred and hidden behind urgencies born of past experiences and unknown futures. We clutter our minds and hearts with possibilities that may never be and carry the burden of the past in heavy packs on our backs, bowing our spines and forcing our eyes to the path beneath our plodding feet as we stumble and fall instead of looking up and into the endless expanse of sky and promise of what might be.

I want to shed the cumbersome, cloying prison of my clothes and shed with them the tumbling, sticky prison of thoughts and emotions I am exhausted from feeling and living and dealing with.

I want to cast of the restraints that pain and broken trust have placed around my heart and waken a body grown cold from betrayal and rejection. I want the hot moist need of lust to blaze desire into the stiff, crimson yearning of nipple and lick demand into the humid, swollen folds of my sex until my body thrums with the ancient call of sacred lust and signals the fecund reality of my fertile sweetness .

I want to peel of my skin and dive into the cold navy ocean and feel the soft, burning clasp of water around me, embracing and soothing me in its shivering embrace and feel the burn of muscle and sinew and the sweet lick of velvet water against every crevasse and fold until I cannot discern where the water starts and I end and simply rock myself into the rhythm that will propel me into a moonlit sky.

I want my mind quiet as I slice through the deep coolness of arctic water, my shattered heart trailing away on the eddies of tide and ebb and flow of the moon and find instead the contentment of simply glorying in my flesh.

I want to just be.


Buffalo said...

This is a sterling example of writing at its very best. It truly resonates.

You are a master wordsmith.

Anonymous said...

"I want to shed the cumbersome, cloying prison of my clothes and shed with them the tumbling, sticky prison of thoughts and emotions I am exhausted from feeling and living and dealing with."

Have you been inside my mind lately? This is how I feel.

Good job, S!

M:e said...

I've had a longing to be near water recently....specifically the watch its power and let its permanence and its power soothe me.

Beautifully written posting sweety.

love and hugs xxx

Liras said...

Sometimes, nothing refreshes the mind and soul better than a nice long soak in a great big natural bathtub.

ronnie said...

Selkie, thank you for this,its wonderful writing.

Oh how I wish I lived by the sea again, I do miss it.


cutesy pah said...

Although I've never lived by the sea, and have only visited its side a mere 6-7 times, I dream of it often as a creature living within its crystal depths.

and, I have often been told that my biggest fault is that I should strive more to "be" rather than do, for we are human beings not human doings.

beautiful words from a beautiful woman. thank you.