Friday, May 1, 2009

I lust (after more than leather)

Lust .... yes, I lust after the feel of leather against soft skin, kid-soft leather, supple and cool until your skin warms it and the slight stiffness of it heats and moulds to your body. But truth be told lately I’ve been lusting after far more than leather.

Watching a silly movie the other day (Watchmen) I found myself lusting after the ethereal Dr. Manhattan’s computer-animated body, specifically his delicious sex which in a refreshingly shocking reversal of movie etiquette was actually visible off and on during the course of the film. There are always plenty of flashes of women – their breasts, their asses, sexes ... panoramic views of long legs and svelte backs but other than the occasionally tease (can you say Hugh Jackman pouring the water over himself in Australia) there are damn few shots of penises.

I know I am not the only woman out there that appreciates and delights in seeing a man’s sex. Granted, I know D. says I am sometimes almost masculine in my lusty appreciation of sex, my letch for good pornographic novels and my occasional delight in pornographic films (but only if the poor wee girls don’t look like drug-addicted messes). And I am also well aware that the plethora of skin magazines for men pander to their more visually-inclined delight while the lone female-oriented magazine of which I am aware (but frankly, found yawningly boring the last time I looked at it, which was easily 30 years ago!) Playgirl, is a vivid example of WHY magazines displaying naked men just don’t generate the same appeal.

This is also why I think MOST women find it FAR from appealing when like little boys, men send (usually unbidden) the gratutitous "erect penis' shot.

And I’ve thought on it and concluded that the static penis just doesn’t appeal.

Like predators, we females like our penises to have some flesh and blood reality, some movement and possibility to excite the animal in us and arouse those twinges, the ones that you feel deep inside your belly, the twist and pull of which moistens things and makes your eyes narrow and your voice go husky and makes you want to stalk and tease and present those female parts of you....

Because when all is said and done, there is something so wonderfully erotic about a penis. Even soft, the way it hangs from a man’s groin, framed by strong thighs, nestled in among testicles loose and relaxed, it has a delicious, mouth-watering appeal, a vulnerable yet enticing appeal that coaxes one, that makes me yearn to touch.

A man’s penis, even when not throbbing and hard, just looks so delightful to play with. The skin is so incredibly soft that it makes my mouth go slack with want, a visceral, shivering delight to run fingers along that soft, firm flesh with its spongy texture which cries out to be caressed and gently squeezed. To cup him in my hands and put my face near and close my eyes and breathe in that tart, starchy smell makes me go weak with desire.

Once upon a time, not a day went by, every morning and every night that I wasn’t rewarded with the feel of him in my mouth.

It is in fact my preference to first take a man in my mouth when he is soft, when my warmth can envelop him in moist sensation. When eyes closed, hair spilling over his groin, I can gently suckle the entire length, roll my tongue around the unique, firm yet pliable flesh, run my tongue along the velvet, shivering skin and narrow the tip to lap and probe gently at the tip, run the softness under the foreskin and taste the delicious unique tang of him.

And then, to feel him hardening, the jerking, almost imperceptible firming and swelling, the pheromones twirling and eddying in the close air, my nostrils filled with the scent of his want as it mingles and mixes with the hot moistness of my own need and the throbbing, pulsing feel of him in my mouth.

I adore and find it incredibly arousing to suckle and sweep my tongue around the increasing length but most of all to lap at the now purplish tip and pull back, eyes open, to watch the clear, viscous droplets of his want swell from the tiny, winking hole and then slowly ooze out over the glistening surface of his prepuce.

I like to roll the taste around my tongue, savour the consistency, tease out each nuance and hint of flavour then dip down and greedily taste again.

I love to sink down on the now throbbing muscle, feel it tickle me at the back of my throat, fill my mouth with its now pulsating want, push deep inside until I feel my eyes tear and my throat close and still feel him pushing back and down until the breath whistles from my nose and I swallow convulsively to stop from gagging and his fingers now entangled in the thrashing silk of my hair and his groin banging up against my working mouth and the hot, aching pain as he pulls my hair and my tongue works against him, a sinuous snake thrashing around and up and down the throbbing shaft ...


Yeah, “static” penises just don’t do it for most of us....


Buffalo said...

Be still my heart.

THE Michael said...

You are the first I've ever seen admit to this. The first "REAL" woman, that is.

And yea, you are just BASKING in what you just did to every male reader of this blog, aren't you? Grin.....

Loving Annie said...

An exquisitely sensual post, Selkie...

I'd forgotten that wholly detailed delicious obsession...You made me miss not having that again, that total fascination and hunger and pleasure.

"cock worship" one of my old boyfriends used to call it - and he was right... God, I loved loving him.

vanimp said...

Oh god damn now look what you have done ... *wanders off all flustered and such* x (nawty girl)

M:e said...

I've been playing catch up on your postings sweety. Your recent musings gave me some stuff I'd love to respond to in the future but for to shower after reading this piece!

love and hugs xxx

cutesy pah said...

like you, selkie, I've always enjoyed the silky feel of a man's cock when soft. The ability to take him entirely into my mouth, and know that he grows hard because of my attention. The sheer delight of drowning in his smell, taste, and feel carries me into such sexual pleasure that I can compare it only to subspace. I am addicted to my man's penis, and love to offer my adoration and worship of his maleness every opportunity I am granted.

wow! fabulously written!

David said...

Damn, indeed!

Kes said...

Ah selkie, and here I thought it a private delight to rouse a man from a soft slumbrous state into full pulsing yearning.

I am all for feeling the press of male desire against your body, after sweet kisses or just being in one another's company. That is wonderful of course, and so gratifying to have aroused such lust in another. But to be able to feel the voyage from soft silky satin, to velvet over steel... such a delightful transformation.

Thank you for sharing.

Liras said...

That was deliciously nasty. For so many reasons, you are mmm mmm good.

Forgive for being brusque but I do like hard, throbbing and pulsing. Veins etched out, groin muscles straining.

Eagerly anticipating, tortured moans, floating on the edge.

Making it last until he just flips inside out and unloads.

Maybe I am a slight sadist.