Tuesday, June 30, 2009

so apparantely, I"m "objectionable

someone flagged my blog as having objectionable content and Google has put an adult content only flag on it!

hell, and I don't even consider a "sex" blog!


Loving Annie said...

People ought to mind their own business !!! If they weren't comfortbale with what they were reading then they should just go elsewhere instead of flagging you - grrrr !
This takes parental controls - if that's what it was - a little bit over the top !

Your writing is intelligent and thoughtfully based. For someone to think it - or your blog - is objectionable - is a sad reflection on them.

PrettyGirl said...

Hmph, objectionable -- people are stupid sometimes.


David said...

Consider it a measure of control, and relish in your submission to it (he said with a smirk).

ronnie said...

They obviously don't know what there talking about,how on earth can somebody say that about your blog. They should mind their own business.


Amber said...

It isn't just your writing content that determines what makes a blog adult content; they probably looked at the picture you have at the top, which is gorgeous but it IS a naked woman (yeah, I *know*, stupid of them because it's a beautiful artistic rendition, not porn-like at all) and they also look at your links to other sites that *do* have sexual content, etc.

I agree it's highly annoying and it sucks. :(

Anonymous said...

I agree it is not fun to be told what to do by some nameless authority none of of like that.

The picture of the woman all bound with a ball in her mouth is adult content though. Accept with grace and move on I think you know your writing is aimed at an Adult audiece.

selkie said...

grins..I'm actually more amused than anything - well that and RELIEVED - I thought I was losing my mind. I mean Bound has the option checkd that indicates adult content but I didn't with Daughter as I don't usually deal explicitly with sexual content (granted, like life, it enters into the writing sometimes)- so when I clicked on my own blog and saw it, i was like, OMG - I'm getting Old Person's Disease! I don't remember DOING that!!

then I read it and compared it to the one that the blog owner DOES put on personally and voila!

littleone said...

think i will just sit over here in my corner and pretend i don't exist.. cause MY GOD if your blog is objectionable.. they'll have the police at my door !!!

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Gillette said...

I smiled when I saw it, too..but My Dear..you do object to things from time to time so of course you would be objectionable :)

(...yeah..I know, taking huge license, but this is the studip humor.)

Sir said...

Personally, I think it was the picture of the fella and his hair that set Blogger off the deep end...

Owner of morningstar

vanimp said...

Oh damn does that mine is objectionable too? *chuckle* Silly muppets people are huh?

Liras said...

I must expect the villages and the torches one day, as I have said a few things about doing "it", sprinkled with religious musings and other stuff. Well, that sort of stuff is in my archives. I have been good and un-profane lately.

But isn't it good to be loved? Bet you feel all warm and juicy inside.