Friday, September 4, 2009

Flash Fiction FRiday, Challenge 2

I thought I would give this a shot - a good exercise and fun in the doing!  The brainchild of Tiggs and Spanky, a fun way to start the day.  Heres the link for today's offering. (and DAMN its hard for Ms. Wordy here to write a MAXIMUM of 96 words!)
Behind the glistening torrent, sunlight spills in molten streams of gold through the pale frothing surge, sparking ethereal gleaming gems that sparkle in the mist. My wild satryr, my Priapus , you press against my slick skin, hands cupping swollen breasts.  Moisture froths through our narrow cavern, licking coolness into fevered flesh as we move in the eternal dance.
I moan, and feel your thrusts against the plump, reddened flesh, abraded into hot need by your palm and breathe deep the moisture-laden air and bring its cool solace into the hot panting breath of my need.


Tiggs said...

This is terrific! I'm SO glad you've decided to give this a try... it's a ton of fun and reading other folks stories is just as much fun as writing your own! I absolutely love how different folks see the same challenge in a myriad of ways!

Big hugs!

littleone said...


i just praised your writing skills up down and sideways over on The Journey....... then popped into see what new tidbits you had to offer.....


well you certainly lived up to the rep i gave you ..... LOL

morningstar (owned by Warren)

ronnie said...

OH Selkie,I'm glad I popped over, excellent, loved it. You write to well.

Have a lovely weekend.


mouse said...

like an exercise in creative writing. It would take me hours and then I would NEVER come up with something as expressive as you wrote.



Gillette said...

Damn, yer good.

Spanky said...

I agree with Tiggs, this is wonderful creation of imagery and thought. "Sparking ethereal gleaming gems that sparkle in the mist" is marvelous!

Mina said...

Well done Selkie. I just love how nature inspires our imaginations and who could resist such a lovely lustful Satyr!


vanillamom said...

Oh. my. gawd. Lucious words dripping from your fingers, like melted chocolate. I just want to lap it all up and never have it end!
Thanks much for such beautiful prose!