Monday, October 5, 2009

This and that ...

  • You GO girl.... Toronto dominatrix challenges the Courts .... "The 49-year-old Toronto grandmother, along with prostitutes Valerie Scott, 51, and Amy Lebovitch, 30, is asking Ontario's Superior Court of Justice to invalidate Criminal Code provisions that serve as Canada's policy response to the world's oldest profession."
  • Scuse me for NOT having one bit of sympathy for this damn predator ... and on top of that he tries to inflict guilt on victims for coming forward and doesn't have the guts to kill himself but makes some poor train driver do it for him.  Good riddance to at least one predator.
  • WTF?? REVERSING on the 401?  Have seen it countless times; in fact my very FIRST time driving on the 401 I had to institute some evasive action to avoid hitting an friggin idiot who missed his exit and was REVERSING on a highway where the avearge speed was 130 km ... the real victim in this is the poor truck driver - who while fortunate enough not to be badly hurt, nonetheless is no doubt traumitized that his truck hit and killed someone (through no fault of his own)
  • Yes, you should have to pay.  There seems to be a tendency in Canada to accept everyone; we are becoming a joke among the world's exploiters who come here for our healthy care, dump their elderly high-cost family members and shout we MUST pay for it all - it's time new policies were enacted. If there was a true commitment to this nation, an acceptance of our culture and our viewpoints, then fine, but there is NOT. 
  • Censorship raises its ugly head ... yet again


Anonymous said...

You did all of this reading before your morning coffee :).

I continue to be perplexed by the narrow-minded focus of socially correct censors. If we insist upon ignoring the reality of history we are doomed to repeat it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure our local news is as thought provoking/perplexing/entertaining as yours if I spent the time to read it...*sighs* so much for cultural literacy....

With that said:
You GO girl!

No sympathy-how slanted is this article. I'm supposed to feel sorry for him?

Darwin award for reversing.

like signing a personal recognizance bond for a friend/relative....they skip-you are liable.'

Book banning...any censorship is a slippery slope indeed. And one of my all time favs, too, The nerve!