Friday, March 28, 2008


saw this on craigslist and HAD to share ...

Reply to: DELETED
Date: 2008-03-28, 8:14AM EDT

Looking for an Extra Large Dog Crate.
Something big enough for an Extra Large Dog (Bernese Mountain Dog)
Or my wife.
Please message me, I am willing to pay of course.

Location: College and Bathurst Area


Buffalo said...

It would probably be cheaper if he wired together a tiger cage - and would look more rustic.

selkie said...

I just found it hilarious ... wonder how many people caught the reference that the cage was for a dog ... OR his wife LOL - a little puppy play anhyone>

Buffalo said...

Ah...what were you looking for on Craig's List?

selkie said...

grins - nothing esoteric! simply at the "pets" - I belong to a German Shepherd Rescue Group (I know, sounds geeky, but damn it, I LOVE GSDs) - one of my tasks is to keep an eye on Toronto's craigslist "pets" for shepherds and follow up!