Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just stuff

  • So I applied today for my very FIRST Canadian passport! I feel all patriotic and stuff! I travelled fairly extensively when young, but not since finbar and I got married - and because my very bestest travelling companion was my cousin Miriam, I always travelled on my Irish passport. But now with the rules changing and stuff, thought it time to get my Canadian one.
  • I'm re-reading Iris Murdoch - if you had asked me before I just finished the first one I've read of hers since I was a teenager and DEVOURED everything she had written, I would have told you she was brilliant. I'm scratching my head and trying to figure out why I liked her?? I think I used to find her profound - but having just finished The Unicorn, I find her characters trite and dated, the situations nonsensical .... odd how perspective changes.
  • Having said that, my deep dark secret is that I have just received the latest Laurel Hamilton "anita blake" vampire hunter book - its like admitting to reading harlequins - sort of embarrassing to admit I LOVE these books ...

  • I read the blog http://www.feministe.us/blog/ (Feministe) regularly - find it challenging, insightful and informative - but sometimes it just breaks my heart - to sit here in 2008 and see that more than half the world sees women as less than human and of no worth whatsoever and that my own "world" still places them "less" than the male part of the human race
  • I've just ordered some interesting books ... The Hanging of Angelique - which is a factual study of slavery in Canada; Giles the Goat Boy by John Barth - another blast from the past - it will be curious to see if I find it as odd, quirky and provocative as I remember and yet ANOTHER former read - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - which I'm actually really looking forward to re-reading.
  • I'm always fascinated to see if books I once thought brilliant, continue in fact to delight, educate and enlighten - I would say that about 80% of the literature I thought wonderful when younger, turns out to be (on reading now) trite, boring, badly written or somehow far below the standard I had held it to.
  • Although only on FetLife for a very short period of time - I am thinking of just leaving ... I am finding it less than a salutatory experience these days. For a very brief period of time when it blipped into existence, I felt enamoured and delighted at the calibre of member - discussions were lively, insightful and REAL ... now it seems to me the fantasy group (as they seem to do everywhere) have invaded and conquered ... and the whole thing is becoming drama-ridden and boring - there are no discussions but endless repetitive "one-upmanship" diatribes and strident, offensive rantings that "my dom is bigger than your dom", "i'm FAR more submissive than you" ad infinitum ...

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David said...

Re: your rant on FetLife - Amen. It did appear to have great promise I guess as all new things to, and then the masses invade. Tis a pity.