Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Sound of Your Body

not mine - but finbar's - (Let the wild rumpus begin) - I think (prejudiced of course) but he is friggin brilliant ... the imagry is so fresh, the twist of phrase so unique .. enjoy

your sea opens and surges
as my fingers drink in
the silver of your eyes.

the savannas of your voice
heave and roll, then
flow me from colour to sound
as the muffled fathoms of
my hands hold the multitude of you
in soft enfolding palms, as your
breasts and eyes calm
the earth to liquid.

the frailty of your sighs
drift me from texture back
to sound as the vision of my
touch swims the gold
of your desire.

your cresting waves
lift me from sound to motion
as the grace of your hips
undulates your body from texture
to vision, and fills the air with spice,
as my drifting arms encircle
the aqua tide of your lips.

the taste of each breath
draws me to your depth,
then you gasp me in
and stroke me from scent
to substance, as my body climbs
the light of your surrounding sea

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Buffalo said...

This is some good stuff; no, great stuff. Vivid imagery.