Monday, November 3, 2008


Touch sliding on skin, fingers tangling in hair which tumbles down a sweep of pale, freckled back to cup small firm ass in hands calloused and scarred. Hands, firm, demanding, moving, gliding, pushing, molding a small breast, teasing a pale, swollen nipple until it tightens and hardens and swells deep crimson. Fingers between parted thighs, sliding slippery and wet and damp along the crease of her, probing, searching until they sink, sighing into the swollen centre and she groans. Touch , chest sliding against hers, his leg, firm, scratchy, thrusting between her thighs, rubbing up against her, friction, sweet and slick as she her hips undulate and buck up against him. Touch, tip of him, velvet soft, spongy firm, probing, seeking the swollen warmth, long, hard length sliding, pushing, opening, until sighing, she sighs acquiescence and he sinks deep into her core. Touch, feel, skin.

Scent.. pungent, aromatic, musky, slippery slidey, slipping into mind and soul, his scent, the hot sweaty masculine pheromones ..wafting, silken, sliding into her mouth and her ears and her eyes, coating the long length of her, the soft hills and valleys of her and her undulating hips increasing their dance of need, strong arms and flexing shoulders glistening and shining in muted light as scent spills one onto the other, slipping to lick between thighs until the smell of him softens and prepares and silkens her skin and her pores open and the scent of her in the tangled sheets, tousled curls, damp droplets of her kissing the silky soft skin of him, mingle and entwine until the room pulsates scent and want.

Sound ... his sighs, her moans trembling beneath pale swollen breasts and the crimson tips of nipples yearn toward him and the throaty sound in his chest resonates deep within and tugs her further into the frantic, tangled limbs and his mouth against her neck, biting until he feels the thrumming rush of life between his teeth and his growls against the sweep of blood erupting deep within those secret places and between the taut thighs she trembles and floods until the sound of their coupling like a great heart beats the rhythm of want and lust.

Sight... eyes glazed, fevered, meeting .. boring deep into her soul, sparking want and need, clinging, talking to her body, urging her, encouraging her, demanding, insisting until trembling, shaking, she sighs her capitulation and his eyes capture her and she dives into the moss-green need of his gaze and he, enraptured at the spring green of eyes gone soft, acquiescing to his want and desire and they sink, one into the other and their bodies jerk and dance the dance of need and find in each other a fleeting taste of nirvana ...

and in the morning, she rises and between her thighs she feels him trickle, sticky and pungent, delicious scent of their coupling wafting in the close muted blue of the room, trailing fingers along her spine, and she puts her fingers between her legs and brings them coated with the essence of their want and need and the detritus of their complicated psyches and closing her eyes, she breathes deep and pulls into her soul the essence of their humanity and in the dusk of a new mourning she feels things tighten deep within her ....

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