Monday, February 9, 2009

I support gay marriages

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

the above video is from the Courage Campaign - people who believe that love is love, no matter the colour, complexion or gender.

if you support this, please follow this link and sign the petition.

On a personal note, let me tell you about my mum.

When she was younger, for many years, my mum volunteered in the pallative care in Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. This was in the 70s and 80s when AIDS was rampant, there were no treatements and it was an automatic - and relatively fast - death sentence.

Brought up in Ireland by nuns, innundiated with Catholicism and both secular and religious strictures, in many ways she rose above her upbringing and was an openminded accepting woman - kind beyond mention - but she did NOT get or accept in any way, homosexuality. She just could not get her head around it - saw it as "unnatural", "twisted", even evil....

until, week after week, month after month she watched as AIDS-wracked individuals were admitted to the unit where she volunteered, to die, emaciated, wracked with pain, in grief. And watched, night after night, as that their same sex partners came religiously, with love, with grief, with a deep abiding caring that she could neither deny nor reduce to simplistic terms. She watched as these partners washed with loving hands their lover, as they wiped faces, and cleaned vomit, and sat, night after night after night and saw them out of this life... and mourned with them as the patient died and saw and understood the deep, real, TRUE and abiding grief of the one left behind.

And realized, reluctantly, still not entirely comprehending, but understanding - and telling me, love is love, whatever its guise.

The world is a harsh place; each of wrestles with despair, with economic hardship, we watch wars and human cruelty play out in our cities, our nations, our homes.... I, for one, will NEVER reputidate, deny nor do anything but celebrate love ...whatever its guise.


THE Michael said...

You have spoken truth to evil. We need to end this need to single out and hurt people, especially in the name of some people's idea of God.

Buffalo said...

A subject near and dear to my heart. I've been talking and writing about it for years.

One of these days you should google Dr. Sharon Lee in KC KS. She has been fighting the good fight for many years and is a living example of true caring.

littleone said...

signed ... sealed and delivered...

it is a cause very close to my heart...

thanks for bringing the petition to my attention...

morningstar (owned by Warren)

M:e said...

Amen to that sweety.

love and hugs xxx

Liras said...

I agree. Love is hard found; we should not tell others to toss it away.

Anonymous said...

Hate is horrible regardless of where it is targeted. It probably won't surprise folks but I don't support gay marriage. I do understand some of the issues that drive this, including health insurance and property transfer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Selkie:
Another really beautiful post. I see where you get much of your wisdom from. It's always the love that counts, wherever you can find it, and it can be found in the most profound places you know? When I have been witness to that kind of love I consider it a sacred gift. Thank you for the reminder.
take care

Anonymous said...

Tallgrass expresses a very common theme in the pro-gay-marriage camp.

"Hate is horrible regardless of where it is targeted."

This is an angry, hurtful, and untrue accusation against those who oppose same sex marriage. I have many friends on both sides of this issue, and not one, not a single one of my "traditionalist" friends hate gays.

You may claim that they hate you so they oppose your views. That is wrong.

You can hate them for their views, but that would be the wrong reaction.

You can be angry, mean, spiteful, petty, and violent, but that won't make them hate you. Because they don't.

You can argue all you want, but don't try to impose your hatred for Christians as their motivation.