Monday, March 9, 2009

Just "stuff"

  • I really really really HATE the whole time change thing. I get up at 3:30 a.m. regardless; this morning with the "spring ahead" it is (despite what my clock says), 2:30 in the friggin morning - or should I say MIDDLE of the night ... I hadn't changed my car clock SO at 4:45 a.m. this dark "morning", I am barrelling down the DVP to work - I do not LIKE green eggs and ham ....

  • my children informed me last week that my lower back tattoo (see here) is called a "Tramp Stamp" . nice. sighs.

  • my back yard is like the moors .... a quagmire of sticky, filthy mud .... which now means that I spend roughly every 35 seconds washing the floors as the bloody dogs track muddy pawprints in and out .... as the weather has been relatively balmy (if bloody wet) they feel compelled to constantly come in and out.

  • Dog No. 2 - Llyr has officialy had his "good shepherd" award retracted... having only recently earned it. Helping himself to the balance of a prime rib of beef of the kitchen counter while we were eating in the dining room does NOT a good shepherd make ...

  • I love reading blogs. But people truly need to break their thoughts up into paragraphs ... one long, never-ending stream of words is confusing and hard to track and usually results in me NOT reading ... no matter how captivating the thoughts.

  • I truly need to find the time to update my reading list; I tend to 'do the rounds' but my list has not been updated in a while which is inconsiderable of me - I will get to it, I promise! sometime soon....

  • a welcome to all the cool new people I've been noting on here - looking forward to getting to know you!

  • I'm seeing a new "trendy" thing going around ... a question the blogger person who is supposed to answer - does anyone REALLY have any questions for me?? Truth? I can't imagine but if you do, fire away via here or an email ....not anticpating any and not promising anything if there ARE but hey, why NOT jump on the bandwagon?

  • I yearn for my garden ... but have massive amounts of work to do. After d. put up the fence to keep the bad shepherds IN and not running the roads and scaring the neighbours, everything was pulled up, pulled down or trampled on - so a COMPLETELY new garden is in the offing ...


Curvaliscious said...

I am so with you on #5. I can't stand it when people don't separate their thoughts into specific paragraphs. It makes it almost impossible to read so I always end up removing them from my reading lists.


Florida Dom said...

You said you can't imagine anybody having questions so here's a few from a guy who just discovered your blog:

--Sorry you lost so much of your previous writing but have you ever considered writing an erotic novel? Some of your stuff like describing your piercings is very good.

--Did you leave journalism (it's my field so it's why I'm interested) because it didn't work with having kids. You're a good writer and I imagine you were a good journalist although back in the day it was a much tougher field for women than it is today.

--Why did you call your husband finbar at one point and then changed it to D?

--Is the kneeling tramp stamp kneeling photo really you? If so, you should stop bashing your body image. You're really quite sexy. It's also kind of a disconnect when you talk about how comfortable you've been with your sexuality all your life and then you knock your body.

--I wish the U.S. had Canada's health care system but in the U.S., the people bashing Canada always say sometimes have long waits. Is that really a problem?

--Do you still wear your collar?

Feel free to ignore any or all of these questions but it's a challenge when somebody says they can't imagine any questions. And you know journalists like to ask questions.

selkie said...

grins ... ok, so I didn't expect questions truly!

ok, here goes with the answers:

Q.1. i have thought - a lot - about writing an erotic novel - and would love to. Primarily, time constraints make it difficult to get any writing in (I fit my blogging writing in the small breaths between craziness at work) - Bound - my story blog is linked here on this one - so I do write stories and two in particular have been roughed out into novels - Into the Fire and The Debut (Highway Exposure story is one chapter).

Q.2. Yes, I left the media field becuase of teh crazy hours and demands - I was an editor when I had my first child, worked 14 hour days routinely and sometimes (often) 6 days a week - decided that my kid (and then x 3 more) took priority - and YES, the misogny was brutal to deal with in my salad days.

Q.3. I usually in my writings call him D. - the other was a slip.

Q.4 Yes, all the photos on those series of blogs are me - taken around a year ago. and my level of comfort with my body waxes and wanes with my head space.

Q.5. People bitch about it and YES, there is sometimes long waiting periods but NOT if they establish something is seriously wrong - for my kids - they were always triaged within 20 minutes - if not serious, we waited, if serious, seen almost right away. Anything I've had to deal with of a serious nature (including a brush with breast cancer) was taken care of VERY efficiently and quickly.

Q. 6. At the moment I do, but it no longer has the same meaning. I am no longer his submissive but I'm still in love with him.

March 9, 2009 9:51 AM

Amber said...

Selkie, I just finished browsing through your archives. If it's not prying, what happened with you and D? You wrote, We don't (do D/s) any more through his choice -in many respects, he doesn't want me any more.

Why? What happened? If it's too private, I apologize. I'm just trying to get to "know" you a bit better. :)

Anonymous said...

Always love glimpes into your life and "soul" :)

You never can accuse me of have long paragraphs!

I have two big gardens. I just started my seeds over the weekend. Waiting a few days before I start more.

So far? Broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers and dill --- all in a hot box inside my sunroom.

(Hope my son waters them while we are gone the first week of April.)

selkie said...

Amber- a very long story- VERY long .... I tend to write somewhat obscurely of my private life for myriad reasons, not the lesat of which is my story is not just mine.

At its most simplistic, D. has struggled off and on for years with his dominance and sadism; in the end, I lose. He chose not to pursue that kind of dynamic (I wasn't given a vote). So, time will tell what occurs from this point onwards.

TG - I love your blogs - straightforward, to the point, amusing and intersting!

I should really start my own inside - I used to - but space is limited and I find it impossible to keep them watered properly (Hope your son remembers!).

vanimp said...

Aren't kids great? Rofl at "tramp stamp" utterly charming hehe. xx

selkie said...

vanimp- it WAS sorta cute, my son blushed when he told me LOL

KLo said...

These made me chuckle. I'm not sure if that was your intent, but ... Hope all is well : )

selkie said...

grins- I thought some were amusing too KLo - glad it made you chuckle (although I wasn't chuckling last night when the Bad Shepherd STOLE my prime rib of beef!)