Monday, March 16, 2009

Meet the gang ....

Commander Bun Bun and his Guina Pig Frappy - the Commandar was dumped outside a very busy KFC on a very busy street - neighbours found him and brought him to us!

Finn (15 months), Llyr (3 years) - my rescue pups

Regal Scully- Ruadhan's cat rescued from a high kill shelter 10 years ago.

Mulder 'aka' "gangsta cat" my baby, found by neighbours at 4 weeks old, handfed back to life and convinced I'm his mum.

KiKi ...rescued by eldest daughter, meant to be moved out WITH her.... lives on top of our fridge - she hated Maeve's bf ...actually she hates most people .... she is our feral fridge cat!

Schnitzel , humane society rescue, Kealin's prince


Kes said...

"Feral fridge cat!" snicker. That's wonderful. I have one that haunts the top of our side by side bookcases. Occaisionally for dramatic effect she comes plunging down into the sofa cushions, chirruping. "...meant to do that... really."

You have a wonderful furry family!

Anonymous said...

Animals are great! I have always liked dogs but have found that cats are a lot easier to live with and don't demand nearly as much attention. You have a nice family.

Amber said...

AWWW! I LOVE the pic of your two pup-pups, it looks like they are posing! And your black rescue kitty looks a lot like our black rescue kitty!

Bless you for rescuing animals; we have done it many times too. :)