Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My morning

3:30 a.m. up, let dogs out, start the bath, put on the kettle, start lunches

3:40 a.m. let in dogs, peanut butter 12-grain bagel and snacks declan, cream cheese and 12 grain bagel, kealin - cut up 4 different berries, make salmon sandwich on wholegrain high fibre bread for D., hearing noises, ignoring .... making tea, feeding 1, 2 then 3 cats (where's the 4th?)

3:50 a.m. walk out in hallway. hallway flooded, bathroom flooded, living room and dining room flooded - bath not overflowing. Finn has taken ball, rope and a cushion from the couch and proceeded to spend the last 20 minutes dunking them in the bath, playing, pulling them out and dragging them throughout the house, dunking them, pulling them out, dragging them ....

4:00 a.m. now finished mopping up floors; feed guinea pig and rabbit; let in 4th cat, feed, have what is left of bath; up and dress for work, get dogs and go for walk

4:25 a.m. back from walk, give dog cookies, put downstairs with declan, start coffee to go, into bathroom for makeup. NO makeup- HATE HATE HATE having teenage girls in house - wake up one teenage girl who vehemently (and deceitfully) denies any knowledge of said makeup. Cannot brush hair. Brushes gone along with makeup - obviously a gremlin in the house.

4:45 a.m. grab coffee, quick polish of boots, jump in car and head to work.

5:10 a.m. in work, put on makeup (thank god for few bits in gym bag), find 10-page essay to edit on Medieval England in inbox when open email from Daughter 1 (university) .... spend next hour editing 10 page essay on religious beliefs in Medieval England (she's BLOODY luck it wasn't busy right then!)

6:30 a.m. work pouring in ... email off essay ... start my real day.


Gillette said...

Goodness...I remember those days when I had to schedule taking a dump. Man...

At least you can look at yourself and feel productive!

Amber said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading this, Selkie!

You DO get to sleep in weekends, don't you?

selkie said...

grins ... you get used to it- luckily I have never needed a lot of sleep ... and I have something else to add - WHY is it that I can LOSE 3 years worth of yoga (when I went 3-4 times per week) in EIGHT months (told you i had taken a long hiatues).

Returned to yoga today and I feel like a geriatric 95 year old grandmother - apparently, I have NO flexilbity ....


Lady Evyl said...

OK, I read the whole thing, but you lost me already at 3:30am lol

Buffalo said...

It makes the seventh level of hell seem like a trip to the spa.

ronnie said...

I struggle to get up at 5 ish for my run but then I'm never in bed before midnight. I'm a night person not a morning one.

Just started Yoga again myself and I know what you mean.