Sunday, May 17, 2009

7 things

So the Imp tagged me - I actually like doing these silly things but have a rule about tagging others - so I would love to hear some of "your" seven things - just won't put anyone on the spot.:D

1. Link to your original tagger and list these rules in your post
2. Share 7 facts about yourself in the post
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post, leave their names & links to their blogs
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged

This is actually way harder than I thought when I first read it:

Selkie Fact 1 - I don't tan - ever - at all - I just burn - I learned this early on when I lived in Grand Bahamas - so I was around 15 the last time I even tried. I wear 45 spf sunscreen and spend most of the summer cocooning - I love my garden but only work in it early morning and late afternoon in the shade - this isn't that hard as I adore trees and have many of them in my yard.

Selkie Fact 2 - I broke my back when I was 15 - was in a steel body brace for 1.5 years - and still went dancing - I did this in Ireland when my cousins and I were being stupid on a tractor. I fell off and went under the wheels. I saw the wheel coming for my neck (vivid memory of this) and twisted. I broke 4 verterbrae and crushed 3 and the surgeon told me I missed becoming quadrapalegic by a whisper. We didn't even tell my aunt (who was away as my uncle was in hospital sick) for three days as I was afraid my cousins would get in trouble. (A Sub-Fact - I have an EXTREMELY high pain tolerance - a sadist's dream!)

Selkie Fact 3 - I have an undergrad degree in English and Classics and a Masters in Communications (speciality Journalism). I worked for 14 years in the media field - from journalist to editor to various other things. I gave it up for typing at night when I had my first child. No regrets (and ended up having 4 kids in less than 6 years - another Sub-Fact - I never do things in halves).

Selkie Fact 4 - D. was my first lover in every respect - intercourse, anal, oral, you name it.

Selkie - Fact 5 - I was threatened with jail and almost kicked out of university when doing my Undergrad. I discovered the University President was making illegal deals and exposed it in our student newspaper. It was stressful but I hung tough, never revealed my source and the President resigned.

Selkie - Fact 6 - I am SERIOUSLY craftily-challenged - I mean I am HORRIFIC at doing anything "crafty" - and detest them. I tortured myself on and off over the years before I embraced my lack of fine motor skills and accepted it. My friend Sally would do the stupid crafty things my kids were required to do at school and bring them over in a bag and the kids and I would glue them on the banners and stuff. I love Sally.

Selkie - Fact 7 - I don't panic - ever. I can keep my head in really stressful situations. I keep calm when situations are falling apart and do what needs doing. I only fall to pieces when I'm by myself and where no one can see me. I also stand up and do what needs doing rather than sit back and wait for someone else to do it. This makes me either a pushy broad or extremely capable.


littleone said...

we are so damn alike it is scary

1) i do not tan - only burn - and i spend my summers under a HUGE umbrella in the shade in my secret garden

2) i seem to have a high tolerance for pain as well.. though i never broke anything (frantically touching wood here!!! i don't really want to test out the theory)

3) i have a degree in English .. a teaching diploma... an admin degree and a pysch diploma - i worked in business doing filing (believe it or not) before finally landing up in teaching after my last one reached school age.
oh yeah...... and i am a published author of children's books - something i did when i was a stay at home mom..... no time for that now.

5) i was threatened with jail - not quite so heroically as you - do you remember the Sir George Williams computer sit in / riot?? well i was doing an article for the University paper and upset a couple of cops...

6) ok this one definitely not so much.. i am Ms Crafty

7) i never panic in an emergency and also fall apart when i am alone and no one can see .. i tend to do what needs to be done.. which is why i AM known as the pushy broad..

go figure eh??

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Buffalo said...

Big sigh. No commonality at all.

I tan easily and deeply.

No major breaks. Nose three times and little finger twice. Does it count that I broke a couple of hearts?

Never went to college in spite of having three opportunities.

I don't remember my first lover. I do remember the first time though - and that wasn't about love.

A failure to appear in court ended me up in jail for a long weekend.

Guess I am a little crafty since I made a living making jewelry for several years.

Okay. I'm not given to panic. Thus far, regardless of any inner turmoil, I maintain a calm facade and come up with answers. Sometimes they're the wrong answer. Sometimes I get lucky.

Amber said...

Bravo on #5! *stands up and applauds*



ROCK! :)

#6, I am similarly challenged craft-wise. My kids just suffered scholastically when it was time to do dioramas and maps.

#7, well, I panic but not when everyone else is having something happen. Something "clicks" for me in my head and I'm very calm and I can say things like, "get a towel, call 911, go get ice, no, don't touch her now, wait, yes, we understand" etc., etc. I step up and I become the One. But that's only when it's others involved. When it comes to me, alone, like faced with fire or any kind of threat and I'm the only one faced with it? I fail, utter fail. heh

Your back...I'm sorry! My daughter broke her head at 9; two neurosurgeries, 6 months apart. A major change in personality. Plate in her head, thrown into a parked car by her horse. Not fun.

My sympathies to you and your family for that time. {{{{{hugs}}}}

Things in halves? I think I have been taught to do things in halves by Dan because I am, in his words, an "All or Nothing Girl". I have been taught to stop doing that.

It makes me happier. :)

Well, most of the time! hehehe :)

Anonymous said...

Tan easily and deeply. Something to do with that Italian/French heritage. Rarely wear sunscreen...something I will probably regret later? nah...

2) Last broken bone...two toes right foot dancing *with* a performing Chicago style blues band in Waikiki one night. Didn't even know they were broken till I had to walk out of the bar at 2am. And I was *not* even remotely buzzed, lol. So, high tolerance for pain...Dentists love me.

3) Late start at college. Graduated in '96. Anthropology degree I rarely use but with credits for a solid minor in science. Printer by trade, Anthropologist by degree, botanist/ecologist in the working world.

4) First lover?....This is interesting in that I count my first "real" lovers (the two that are still current) coming very late into my life...4 years ago after my third divorce. It's not like I haven't had lovers before these two. Funny, it seems to be predicated on a different breadth and depth for me to count as "lovers" these days...

5) No jail or even threats of it. Yet. Oh, well there was that time we were goofing off at the printshop when I was 17. Wanted to see how good the copiers were...printed some money on pink paper...threw it in the trash. Hey we didn't know it was a secure gov contract and the overs were screened. The FBI didn't think act like it was amusing the next day when we got our "talking to", but I still think they were trying not to laugh. Pink paper, lol.

6) Craft challenged despite being a fair seamstress, and skilled in the girly arts of all kinds of needlework, knitting, crochet, etc...can a spinning wheel. I sketch. But I am not an "artist" per see unless we are talking gardening.

7) I don't panic either. Until later and everything is taken care of. And then you will find me bawling like a baby and I don't much care anymore who sees it. Lots competent pushy broads here it seems. LOL

taiah said...

Mine are on my blog :)

Liras said...

You are extremely capable.

And I am very crafty.

We would make good neighbors.

selkie said...

morningstar, why am I not surprised? Its not the first time you and I have mirrored each other ....

Buff- no commonalities here but in other respects, you and I have LOTS in common - you know that!

Amber - thank GOD another mum that admits to being craftily- challenged LOL - I'm not ALONE! and OMG- your daughter!! That must have been one of teh most frightening periods of your LIFE - and now here she is, a mum herself - how kind fate can be when so inclined.

rwk - please hun, WEAR sunscreen - ultraviolet can cause skin cancer in dark skinned as well as celts like me! It just doesn't seem as obvious!I love gardening too and I laughed at your broken toes - well not the toes themselves but the fact you didn't even NOTICE .... you must have been having some fun!

Education is never wasted - to have that wonderful time to explore and expand minds is a beautiful thing.

taiah - LOVED your answers!

Liras...sighs - what I wouldn't GIVE to be your neighbour!

A big thanks to all who participated. I really do enjoy getting a glimpse into lives that touch mine here in this little corner of the web - little connections that strengthen the bond and create a sense of neighbourhood. Which is one reason, unlike many people, I like these memes.

Because when all is said and done, to truly get to know someone it is often the little things in our lives that make us real.

ronnie said...

Hi Selkie, love this but late coming over though.

1. I burn easily, fair skinned but I do so love the sun.

2. Sorry yo broke your back. Oh no, no pain tolerance. Not actually broken bones but had a hair line fracture through jogging.

3. Wasted opportunities,wished I had gone to University but all said, I have led a very interesting and busy life with lots of travel. Run our own business.

4. P was my first true lover

5. Never been threatened with jail thank goodness

6. No crafty but I try.

7. I can keep my head, don't show panic until I'm on my own.


john smith said...

am not gonna mention my seven things lol....

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Anonymous said...


I actually deplore doing these things but as you have made it easy with a template and it is for you here we go.

1. I tan but would never do it for fun.

2. I broke my arm once see #7

3. I have an undergrad in Math and English, figured if I could count and communicate I would be ok. I also have a Masters in Algebra. I count good ;)

4. L my wife and I were high school sweethearts. She is my first love and mostly just my first everything then and now.

5. I recieved a parking ticket once.

6. I don't do crafts, I am a fair artist and good with my hands. Pretty good carpenter and furniture maker.

7. I am excellent under pressure and the person you want at the helm in a crisis. I will calmly and with authority take charge and get in done. Many years ago I was in a car accident. When the crash was over I set my own broken arm, called 911, pulled the two occupents of the other car out, did on site first aid on both and put out a small fire.

unrelated to this list I too would be happy to be your neighbour or just your friend.


selkie said...

Sir J! thank you - I really do love these glimpses! I am fascinated that you did both math and english - talk about well rounded! I have to admit - I count LOUSY. I think you are FAR more than a 'fair' artist - I think you are extremely talented.

and not in least surprised (but nonetheless impressed) about you keeping your head in a crisis.

I too would LOVE to be both a neighbour and friend!

selkie said...

ronnie another fair skinned beauty- well it makes for a good slapping canvas LOL - and I love how you put that "your first true lover" - so profound in its way. and your business sounds fascinating and requires a great deal of work, effort, intelligence and ambition - you guys are awesome!

vanimp said...

Wonderful! So pleased you participated and now I know you actually like doing these hehe watch out. I agree it's a very good way to build a community of people, sharing little things about ourselves gives a deeper glimpse into the one who writes and enthralls us all.

I tan not so easily but more than likely I get red, I go white again and lo and behold ... more freckles hehe. Broken back? Hell girl when you break something you don't do it in halves do ya!?

Thank you for sharing a little of yourself, I thoroughly enjoyed that! xxx

Mystress Lady Evyl said...

Good for you for fact 5, that must ahve been tough but excellent you did. Very proudfor you..

.. oh and did I mention I am a Sadist...."EXTREMELY high pain tolerance " :-)

Don,t forget for June (I think we said June)