Monday, June 15, 2009


sorry for the inadvertent MIA here .... laptop has decided to strike and we have been swamped in work. Hope to get the bugger sorted out this week and will try to catch up with everyone.


ronnie said...

Sorry about your laptop, hope it's sorted soon. I know what a pain it is without it.


Loving Annie said...

Auggggh - computer problems, snafu !

Hope your week goes well otherwise, Selkie - will cyber-miss you !

And your comment aboput giving up on your dreams got to me... I've done it too, and ah... it's a sad thing, even if I/you are resigned to it/have accepted it.

selkie said...

thanks guys - thank god this monday so far isn't too bad - last week at work was BRUTAL -didn't make the gym once (I got at my lunch) but worked straight through ALL week -

and yeah, bloody stinks - its a brand new laptop from Xmas too!

It goes back tonight to see what the hell is happenign with it...

Anonymous said...

Far be it from me to complain about a person being MIA on the blog. I can feel your pain.

Just know that I still think you are one of the best writers I have known.

Gillette said...

Hugs for a frustrating time.

And what the heck...aren't humans funny? I'm old enough to remember a time before computers and cell phones..and yet now how they affect us!!!

cutesy pah said...

Like Gillette, I remember far too well the days before computers and cell phones! But, Goddess, don't let me go without a day on the Internet now!!

hugs to you, sweetie. May your laptop be operational very soon.