Saturday, July 4, 2009


Meeting online friends in real life is a situation rife with potential delight on the one hand, and expectations of disaster on the other.

My own recent and vastly unsatisfactory meeting with a former blogging buddy (here) is a case in fact.

So like morningstar, the morning of our coffee klatch rendez vous, butterflies as big (but not nearly as pretty) as the one on her enviable chest were fluttering in my stomach.

Initially I wasn't that nervous; the reality is that we have corresponded fairly regularly and both through emails and through her wonderful blogs, I feel as if I had met a kindred spirit. Morningstar's puckish sense of humour, her ruthless, awe inspiring honesty, her prolific and vastly enjoyable musings have always run so true with me. So often have I read her thoughts and thought I KNOW what that feels like, I KNOW how she feels, that a part of me felt I would recognize her immediately.

Which was fairly dumb of me when all is said and done!

Somehow in the flurry of emails where we excitedly planned our meeting, BOTH of us forgot to actually pinpoint something that would identify us!

Of course, driving to the meeting place, I thought I COULD have asked her Sir to "bell" her LOL ... then I could walk into Timmys and say loudly "could all ladies please stand and shake your booty" and follow the tinkling resonance to its source ...

However, that was in hindsight.... grins.

Regardless, as morningstar points out in her own blog about our meeting, it was as if we were old friends and almost immediately, we knew each right away!

Hugs were spontaneous and sincere on both our parts (she gives an excellent REAL hug too) - and within a few minutes we were chattering away like a couple of magpies, words tumbling over and out and spilling across the small space dividing us like a wonderful silver stream of thought and sharing and emotion that sparkled and danced in the fitful sunshine which speared through the cloudy sky outside.

And before I talk further, our lovely morningstar is definitely looking through the world and into mirrors with vision that is definitely askew.... she is absolutely lovely - lush and feminine and so very pretty with the most GORGEOUS eyes and the loveliest face made even prettier by her personality which simply shines and captures anyone in her vicinity with her charm.

As icing to the already delicious, decadent and wonderful "cake", morningstar's Sir was utterly wonderfully kind to take some time out of his own busy day to join us for coffee and meet the Irish lass! I was very very grateful that he was inclined to check out his littleone's blogger buddy (although, truth to tell, based on the fact that both she and I are shall we say "inclined" to be naughty subbies at times, perhaps he was there to keep an eye on us? grins widely).

Sir is as distinguished and charming as his Littleone's words and his own have promised and his delicious sense of humour is even more delightful in person than online!

All in all, several hours passed in a blink of the eye ... conversations sparkled and danced as we sprang from birth talk to bondage and back again. Sir was the first to leave as duty called and it was with reluctance a little way later morningstar and I bid adieu ... with promises to return and have further meetings and dinner next time D. and I were in town.

Thank you morningstar. Thank You Sir.

I had a wonderful, thoroughly satisfactory meet that restored my faith and exceeded expectations!

I look forward to meeting again soon!

and just as an aside - I haven't deserted my bloggy friends and am not ignoring posts - rather, I've been in Montreal for the past week doing some fairly extensive work together with D. on my mum's house. Promise to catch up with all on my return to To.


littleone said...

OH MY GOD.. you would have had me tinkling in public??!!! gonna call me tinker bell now?? naughty naughty girl !!! LOL

it was a GREAT morning.. how i wish you lived a hop skip and jump from me.....

ahh well .. once in awhile visits are better than none for sure!!

hugs to you

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Anonymous said...

Glad you met her. Now, when are you headed to middle America? :)

Miss you!!! I have so much to tell but very little time. Hope to catch up soon.

Sir said...

Dam, I wish I had thought of the bell since littleone ( note the small L ) has a very nice bell she wears from time to time...

Owner of morningstar (aka littleone)

selkie said...

grins... well tinkling as in the sense of RINGING .... morningstar and I second your wish we lived closer! But at least it is CLOSE enough we can visit!

TG - yeah - we need to catch up - and it was GREAT.

Sir- first, small "l" duly noted LOL - and second, I won't deny I was thinking of THAT bell ... I actually looked for a blog she had on it but had to go do mommy things!

Florida Dom said...

Glad to see that you and Morningstar got a cchance to meet and clicked so well, bell or no bell. LOL/

Amber said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a great experience! I met up with a group of ladies I'd gotten to know online back in the mid-90's; we flew to Vegas. It was okay, we had fun and I've met other women here and there over the years, trying to see if the friendship we had online would translate to face-to-face but nobody ever really clicked for me, so eventually I stopped trying.

Dan is the only one where I felt like this was truly the person I thought he'd be and all the emails and phone calls matched in person.

LOL at the lesbian trying to get you to "come out", lol!

ronnie said...

Selkie, how lovely you got to meet Morningstar and Sir and that it went so well for you both.


Lev said...

félicitations à vous deux!

selkie said...

Thanks FD! it was very cool!

and Amber- it really is a hit or miss thing- with Jen it just didn't gell - with morningstar she was JUST as I imagined (except better LOL)

thanks Ronnie et merci Lev - mais, ou TROIS - Sir aussi LOL

Liras said...

I am glad you had a great meet with her, as one can't ever have enough good-hearted friends. :)

vanimp said...

Awesome, thats too cool x