Saturday, July 18, 2009

Everything Elvis....

so off we went to Kings and Classics in beautiful Rockton, Ontario... here are a few samples of the ETAs (yeah, took a few minutes - Elvis Tribute Artists).


Buffalo said...

I would never have taken you to be an Elvis fan.

ronnie said...

Selkie, I thought the same as Buffalo :)

Did you have a good time.


littleone said...

welllllllllll i am thinking this is just another example of how we match (if you ARE an Elvis fan that is.. or is it D??)

what i want to know.. was it any good?? could they sing?? and move?? and sound like Elvis??

morningstar (owned by Warren)

selkie said...

grins, I adore Elvis! Granted, no interest in his gossip and his ballads tend to leave me cold, but his rockabilly? I LOVE rockabilly!

it was a lot of fun!

most were decent, morningstar, but the hottie at the top? (I took 2 pics) was AWESOME... had the voice, the inflectin, the stage presence AND the swivel (be still my heart) hips!

Amber said...