Friday, August 7, 2009

Carmina Burana

My favourite opera - probably because it was the very first my father introduced to me!

and thanks to the head's up by JZ - here's a version by Enigma

and yet another Enigma, remix version and the Love Sensuality Devosion one that JZ mentions:


Jz said...

Oooh, yeah!

And for a twist, ever heard the Enigma CD that incorporates it into their music? (think it's "Love Sensuality Devotion"?)

Club Carmina Burana! w00t!

Spanky said...

I really liked the Carmina Burana video! That's always been one of my favorites too.

Angel said...

Ah Carmina Burana and Enigma.
The soundtrack to my enigmatic path.

Thanks for posting this my friend.

Angel :)

Liras said...

Speak of the Principles of Lust, you vixen! )