Friday, September 11, 2009

FFF#3 -

Sunlight spills light down the towering glass fronted building but the angle is perfect.

He sees her as he does each day, stretching, back to the glass wall, muscles rippling beneath smooth- slender legs, arms sweeping up, then down, and yes.. yes.. he strains and between his legs, his cock stirs, jerks and hardens... 

Yes.  YES.

He watches as she bends, skirt tightening, slipping up, UP and the sweet, plump cheeks of her ass, slightly spread as she grasps her ankles and he imagines, dreams, his hands on those hips and the feel of her as he pushes deep.

Spanky and Tiggs FFF Challenge #3: Write a short piece of erotic fiction containing exactly 100 words (or a drabble, as Flash Fiction writers call them) inspired by the photo above. How much heat can you generate in 100 words?

DAMN, 100 words?  That is bloody HARD.


Spanky said...

Yow! That's really good. I liked the way you wrote about what he was thinking. Very descriptive and erotic.

Jz said...

Good job!
I'm too long-winded for 100 words. I can go through that many just asking someone to pass the butter, please?

mouse said...

Very nice...

and the super short 100 word story was great too.


Anonymous said...

I really like this... awesome

ronnie said...

Very good Selkie. I love how you write.

Have a good weekend.